Jesus Loves YOU!

Hey guys!!! I hope you are all having an amazing and blessed week. Today is the beginning of a new month and the start of every new month is an opportunity to ‘reinvent’ yourself or ‘set short term goals’…etc. I pray that by the end of this month, Unexpected things will come your way; elevation, altitude and grace. In Jesus’ name.
Today I am here to tell you how much Jesus loves you.

I feel like sometimes preachers of the Gospel of Christ, preach so much of what we ought to do, principles and doctrines, that we fail to readdress what made us believe in the first place. So today, I’m going to tell you what made me believe.

If you know me, then you would know that I have a past- A past of not taking my walk with God seriously. See for most of my life, I have loved God and I always wanted to please Him but I ALSO loved the things of this world. So I felt like just enjoying myself temporarily then when I’m done college I’ll start to take my walk with God more seriously and then get married and then have kids. Perfect life. I didn’t want to commit and make mistakes. If I was going to take this whole “God thing” seriously then I needed the perfect time, resources and right people around me. So I took my time and did all the nonsense I wanted to do.
A few years later I found myself entangled in wrong decisions and a scarred heart. The things of the world that I loved so much and wanted to enjoy, had left me so battered to the point where I became emotionally numb. I disconnected from everyone and started to chase empty nothings. I pushed all my friends away. Oh yes! You would see me with a smile but wouldn’t know I was weeping and mourning on the inside.
While in this depressed state, I started to reflect a lot and then I started to find my way back to my first love. Something happened where a truth was exposed to me and in that moment, I knew God loved me so much he exposed that to me( I would explain details of this on my podcasts later on when it is released but for now I don’t want you to get bored reading a long long blog post).
I felt like God had been knocking on the door into my heart and I was running so I wouldn’t even hear the sound of the knock, let alone answer it. I felt his merciful love and I knew in my heart that if I didn’t let him in, My life would be an example a lot of negative statistics in this world. So I let him in. I let him in and ever since that day, I have experienced this unending feeling of  joy and peace in my heart and life.To be honest with you, I don’t know why this is my message to you all today but I know in my heart this is a message meant for someone. I just feel the need to reassure you that Jesus loves you. He was willing to die for you and he did die for you. He is willing to help you with whatever you’re going through right now. He is willing to give you the strength you need for whatever situation you’re dealing with. All you have to do is let him in and cry out to him. He wants to be there for you but you need to allow him to help you. Stop trying to help yourself. Don’t you realize that your plans, goals and strategies keep failing? Just leave it all in his hands and trust in him. If you haven’t given your life to Him and allowed him to be your personal Lord and Saviour , give it to Him. He loves you and wants whats best for you. During the process, you might not understand what he’s doing and it might not even make sense to you but that’s where fully trusting him becomes so important. I don’t know who this message is for but if this gets to your heart, DON’T IGNORE IT!!! Act on it. Get down on your knees and make that commitment. All the things of this world always lead to complications. He gives love, peace, grace, mercies and so much more.I pray you all have a blessed week. God be with you all. Thanks for reading this post.