The Missing Winter Glove.

Good morning beautiful people.
I pray that by reading this, God reveals Himself to you as He has been doing for me in different ways out of His Grace and Mercies.
I hope you have all been having an amazing and blessed week.

To be honest, I have had a very interesting week and I will get to that soon…

Why am I posting this at 3am in the morning?
Well, Because, I have been up all night doing NOTHING. I won’t say I have been up because I ‘couldn’t’ sleep because I am a child of God and his word says in Proverbs 3:24When you lie down you will not be afraid, when you lie down your sleep will be sweet”. It says when you lie down, AKA once you lie down and put your phones down, turn off the lights ( in my case turn off the lights but leave the lamp on, because I used to need the lamp on because I used to be afraid of the dark, but after coming to the understanding that God has not given me a spirit of fear in 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, self love and discipline I only leave the lamp on because I like how it looks) and close your eyes, sleep will come easy to you and that sleep will be sweet. Kind of explains why sleep is so good now.
Now to my REALLY Interesting week…
So Monday was really blessed. Scored a 100% on an exam I put minimal effort into so I know God had a big part to play in there. Tuesday was amazing, I slept for a good amount of time. Honestly I can’t even remember my week in detail because the last two days have been EXTRAORDINARY!!! So let’s get right into the interesting part.
So Earlier this week I posted something about giving thanks to God in everything that we do. I guess God really wants to be sure that that habit is ingrained deeply into my soul. So I had a bunch of incidents happen to me and EVERY SINGLE TIME I gave thanks to him, Something extra ordinary happened. However one particular event has given me great joy and I am very humbled by his mercy in my life. Let’s call it the incidence of the missing winter glove.

The incidence of the Missing Winter Glove…
Wednesday night, I was on campus studying in a library all night. I never moved from my space until it was time to go. I packed my bags and everything, ready to leave, until I checked my stuff and realized that I couldn’t find one of my winter gloves. I literally searched everywhere; went into my backpack to be sure ( because I used to have this nasty habit of not looking for things properly, out of sheer laziness, and then proclaiming them missing). So I did a thorough search but this glove decided to leave me at a time of need. I just went ahead and packed my stuff up but before I left that area I whispered “Thank you Lord”. Now just before I left the building the security guard and his friend were like super concerned asking me when I lost it, what it looks like and all questions of that sort. So I started to get cheesed by the many questions, because I kept trying to tell them I wore the glove on my way there so there is no way I could have dropped it anywhere else. While they were talking I remembered this place I stopped at, on my way to the library earlier that night, so I tell them I’ll go look there. Before I left his friend kept talking but I tried to be polite and listened to him talk. So while listening to his friend talk the security guard asks “Is this it?” or something like that. I look up and it’s the exact glove (same missing hand) but the only problem was that glove wasn’t mine. I would know because the one missing hand had a ratchet tear inside it. I answered “yeah”but that was when I thought it was mine. Next thing he said while I was examining the glove in astonishment was “This has been here for about 3 days”. Confused, I decided to look inside and search for my signature tear but I couldn’t find it. At this point I had like a bewildered facial expression. Instead they were laughing at me. I kept telling them “yo this isn’t mine” but they kept looking at me like I was crazy. Then I  heard them say  “might as well take it so you don’t go outside in the cold without  a glove” or something like that. So I leave with the glove.

What am I trying to say?
God does so many things for us but in order to realize these things, you need to always give thanks to him for the little things he does so when the big things happen there is no way you could miss it. His word says in Luke 16:10 If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities. His mercy provided me with a glove so I didn’t have to walk back home without a glove on one hand and I thank Him for it. This is one of the many testimonies I have about giving thanks to Him. Always try to appreciate the little things. It is okay if it is hard to stay conscious of always being thankful but just having the willingness to try and actually try because trying goes a very long way. I am still trying too so  let’s encourage one another to do this together so in the end God can trust us with bigger blessings. However that’s not the only reason why you should give thanks to Him. Give thanks to Him to honor him as your God, to be conscious of him as your Father and to be loved by him as your Lord.